Sunday, April 26, 2009

file extension qic

Taking back up of your system is very important that too when you work in windows os you have no garauntee when your system would crash so backup is a very important thing to do.Microsoft Windows 95 and 98 used file extension QIC to indentify a Windows Backup file. File extension QIC is saved in the compressed format, QIC-113. As far as I know, Windows XP does not support .QIC file format. I still don't know why Windows XP does not support .QIC file format, it make backup file from Windows 95 or 98 useless if you run your computer with Windows XP.

Anyway, If you use Windows 95 or 98 and find error while open .QIC file extension, you may have problems, you can use software form fileextensionqic to repair it. It is free to download and use it. Also, it very easy to install. You only need internet connection. After you install it, you can recover .QIC file format from error easily.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

extension .ica

Some times you may face issues in opening some files with different extensions and we may need special software to open that file. There are lot of files that may need an extension application to open it and one among them is the .ica type files.There are three different types File Extension ICA. They are an Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics file, a Citrix Independent Computer Architecture file, or an Identity Compass Answers file. Within those three type of File Extension ICA, the first one is the most common. Here are some short explanation about them each.

The IOCA graphics format is developed by IBM in order to get a single compound document for multiple text and graphic elements. About Citrix’ Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), it is technology for allowing multiple computer users to access applications that hosted by a central server. The last, Identity Compass, it is an employment evaluation and profiling system can be used to help make selecting the right personnel a more productive exercise.

For all the software you install in your pc it will be registered in the system registry of the system and that registry file is responsible for every file to be opened. Sometimes your Windows is unable to open File Extension ICA. That might be caused by the missing registry files in your system. Just use Drivers Update for fix this problem. It has got everything you need. All you have to do is just visit the site.

Monday, March 30, 2009

drivers for your computer

Basically computers have a lot of peripherals and they are coupled together to work together. And the important thing is that every peripheral needs respective software to function and these software’s are known as driver. For example your pc needs a sound driver for it to play the sound. And the problem is you always need the appropriate driver to run the peripheral. If in case the installed driver got corrupted and it may ask you to install the driver, if suppose you have lost your driver cd it’s going to be a big problem you need to find the perfect driver however now you can find those drivers online in has over 3000 companies and 300,000 drivers’ listings for nearly every imaginable piece of hardware. Search their site to find the latest drivers, or use this free, fantastic software to solve all your hardware problems quickly. They have most popular driver software’s indexed in their homepage like Dell Drivers ,
Lexmark Drivers, IBM Drivers. The special thing is that they have taken efforts to categorize and index drivers from across the web for you can get free access to their database of driver listings. All you have to do is just visit their site.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have witnessed many people screw up their website due to poor website sources. Personally I have failed a number of times while hosting my website, its due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance people fail miserably to find a reliable place to host their website .In recent due to advance in technology people could find what they are looking for with the help of major search engines present in the web. Few days back I was searching for a reliable source for hosting my new website .To be honest with you all, it just took 5 minutes for me to get a reliable site. Its not very difficult to find out a hosting space provider for your web site but it has to be a good one and it should be apt for your plans and your needs. And I am pretty sure it may take a hectic long time to find the apt and good hosting space provider and their new plans which may suit your needs, but takes care of that issue cause it gives you web hosting reviews and ratings over the webhosting providers and their new plans and offers. I personally insist you to visit and make use of, the site is really cool and has got everything you need.

watch her gooo..


Monday, March 16, 2009

file extension problems..???

I am a full time pc worker and I rely on my personal desktop for anything and everything. An you people probably know that we need a software or application to run any data files with extensions. There are lot of files with lot of file extensions. For example we need media player to play the mp3 files or we can use anykind of media players like, vlc, real player, classic player or winamp. Sometimes, if we install some similar softwares, we need to select one software to be used as default one. Some days later, if we want to use some other software or application to run the file for some kinda technical reason we can delete or uninstall it immediately and replace it with other alternative softwares.

This is where the problems arises register plays main role in windows. If we uninstall a software then it may affect the registry and we need may face some problem for running that particular extension files, so what we need is a registry fixer. There is a lot of registry available in net which can be downloaded to fix the registry issues. Well what’s important is that you need to find a good software to fix ur registry like If we want to fix some errors regarding File Extension jad (to play JAVA mobile file) or File Extension mdi (to play MIDI file) or to open a File Extension TORRENT , and for this purpose you can always make use of

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shop your Digicam @ Shopwiki !!

Digital cameras are the gadgets of the decade. With super features packed in a compact box the famous quote ‘Dynamite comes in small packages’ sounds very apt. When you choose a digital camera, there are important features that you need to check before you buy. Some cameras might be too pricy for what they offer and some cameras might offer a lot of features for a dirt price. The features that you need to look out for is the resolution that the camera offers, image stabilizer, battery performance and weight of the digital camera. Besides the features, the choice of the camera heavily depends on the choice of the type of the camera. There is another type of camera called the Digital SLR which uses prism as the lens giving more stability and performance for the camera. Most professional photographers use DSLR for more clarity and the flexibility of more lenses to choose.

There are many brands that offer us a wide variety of cameras to choose from. Few brands are known for its easy handling like Sony and Olympus. Nikon and Canon are pioneers in DSLR and higher end Cameras. All the high end cameras have a concept of Image stabilizer that reduces blur and injects crispness and sharpness in the images. Shopwiki is the best place to buy cameras online as it has user reviews for all the cameras bought from the website. So what are you waiting for .. Its time for you to gift your dad a new digital camera and buy it from the best place online… Shopwiki.. !!